How it works

When you print books, the more you print the cheaper it gets per copy. If you need copies of a book, Open Press lets you join together with others to print one big print run.

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There are many great open-licensed books, but nowhere to buy them in high-quality, printed editions at reasonable prices.

Traditionally, publishers have to guess how many books to print, put the copies in a warehouse, and hope they sell. That is very risky. Worse, no one prints open-licensed books, because they can’t control availability: anyone else might also do their own print run of the same book. And while print-on-demand helps with small quantities, the unit cost remains high. So, by pooling many orders into single print runs, we reduce unit costs and save everyone money.

Open Press is great for schools, colleges, non-profits and businesses who need to order multiple copies of books.

While focused on open-licensed books, Open Press also works with publishers to aggregate orders for closed content. Contact us to discuss your project.


Open Press is based on an open concept developed by Steve Song and Mark Horner at the Shuttleworth Foundation. It is now an Electric Book Works project led by Arthur Attwell.